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What is Outlook Express?
Common Problems
How to Fix Outlook Express
Fix Outlook Express
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How To Fix Outlook Express

What is Outlook Express?
Outlook Express is an email program developed by Microsoft that is free and comes bundled with some versions of Internet Explorer. Other names it goes by are Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail. Regardess of version, a common problem associated with Outlook Express and other email clients is corrupt and missing email data.
Common Problems
Outlook Express issues that may be experienced is the inability to receive or send email, hangs or crashes, cannot open files, or corrupts your email messages and deletes them without your permission.
Fixing Outlook Express
To fix this issue and ensure Outlook Express functions error free, it is highly recommended that you download and run the Outlook Express repair tool PC Cleaner. Click the button below to download the software.
Download Outlook Express Repair Tool Download Outlook Express Repair Tool  (4.9 MB)
*File size: 4.9 MB, Download time: <1min (Cable/DSL)
Outlook Express
Download & run PC Cleaner.

Click 'Scan' to search for errors.

Click 'Fix All' and you're done!

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BobBob says: Topic: Support 
That worked like a charm!

oldtimer1940 says: Topic: Support 
I'm so glad for your help

MELANIE says: Topic: Support 
I had some other problems too that the scan found

SirPrize says: Topic: Support 
now that my outlook express problem is fixed I'm ready to rock

Birds4ever says: Topic: Support 
I tried a few other solutions but none seemed to work. This, however, did!!!

CamaroGuy says: Topic: Support 
guess I don't have an excuse to get a new computer now

JuneB says: Topic: Support 
It worked! I love how easy it was!

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